Wardrobe styling services


I will meet you at your home, in your closet, for a wardrobe consultation! During your session, we will work as a team to erase your clothing struggles!


  1.  We go through every item in your closet, from shirts to shoes - even accessories! I help you decide what to keep, toss, sell, or donate.
  2.  We begin on your new look! I'll teach you new ways to wear your old faves, and share my color and pattern tips with you.
  3. To help accentuate and maximize your current wardrobe, we create a list of new clothes and accessories to purchase, which you can get over a period of time. This will cautiously reflect your budget and lifestyle.
  4. Following your consultation, I will follow up to ensure that you are satisfied and answer any questions you may have.


Price: $300  ($500 value)

  • Style consultation
  • Shopping List
  • 2 hours (larger wardrobes may require more time)
  • Each extra hour, beyond 2 hours, is an additional fee.{$50/hour}
  • Follow-up check in

AG- Styling11.JPG

1 -  Makeover

Price: $400  ($600 value)   

  • 2 hour Wardrobe Renovation
  • 2 hour personal shopping *
  • Lookbook of outfit go-tos **
AG- Styling12.JPG

2 - ULTRA Makeover

Price: $600  ($800 value)

  • 2 hour Wardrobe Renovation
  • 4 hour personal shopping *
  • Lookbook of outfit go-tos **


AG- Styling1.JPG

3 -  365

Price: $800  ($1200 value)

  • Two 2 hour Wardrobe Renovation
  • 6 hour personal shopping *
  • Lookbook of outfit go-tos **)
AG- Styling5.JPG


Price: $500  ($750 value)

  • Makeover Package
  • 1 hour photoshoot of 2 outfits - a total of 10 photos
  • Lookbook of outfit go-tos **


* Hours can be redeemed together, or on separate days. There's a minimum of 1 hour per day.
** Includes overview of new wardrobe along with suggestions on how to wear your new items. This will be mailed within 3 days of shopping trip.