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H&M (pants, pocket square, belt, socks) | FT (shirt) | THRIFTED (denim jacket) | RALPH LAUREN (blazer) | ASOS (shoes) | DAPPERTIME (watch) | SPEKO (bow tie) | HARRISON BLAKE (lapel flower)

Chicks and Dudes,

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the "textured chambray" bow tie from SPEKO's new fall collection. You can check them out at the link provided above. They are custom made, unique, and quirky ;). A perfect fit!

This #ootd is about self care.  We need to take better care of our appearance as it is our passport to travel the world of opportunities. We need to take better care of our health because it is the most important  aspect of our lives. So, start a daily routine and get to it!

Can you picture me going to a meeting, a show, or a date in this attire? I would rock this look everywhere - it makes a great statement. I love how all the pieces just come together and work in unison.

I'm wearing light grey pants with a white shirt and a beige blazer - classic pairing. To subserve my latent dark side, I selected the denim jacket which adds a very nice contrast to the look. Let's move on to the details for some spice - floral pocket square, pink lapel flower, patterned socks, skeleton watch, and a textured bow tie. I love this bow tie; It has a raw and authentic feel to it. Lastly, bring out the statement shoes - cap toe brogues.

This story is that of how we need to take better care of ourselves because how we treat ourselves is how we invite others to treat us.



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