#Hallowinning : Last-Minute Shopping

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Halloween, in my culture, is a completely different experience. We celebrate the day of the dead by getting together as a family and binge watching scary movies all day. After which, everyone plots and finds ways to scare the youngest child - me at the time, by telling them crazy ghost stories and sending them to look for things in the dark.

That was Halloween. No costumes. No gimmicks. Just plain old fashioned scary tactics and fun. It happened for years and I never caught on.

This year (okay, I've been planning this since last year), I thought I'd succumb to change and give this culture a try. My best friend Gabby and I decided to indulge in my last-minute habits and go shopping for a costume to hit the streets. In the midst of the touristic chaos in Midtown and to avoid a parking nightmare, we relied on Uber, the ride-request app, for convenience and efficiency.

Having had a super hectic week, I wanted this spree to be fun and stress-free, so I requested an uberX. With that option, I like that I get the entire to myself. Why? Well if the driver-partner has the music option enabled, I take advantage of the Uber's Spotify partnership which allows me log into my premium account, blast some Reggaeton and Trap music, and sing along with no care in the world.

 A specific costume in mind, I was on a mission. I went to select clothing stores in search of some denim overall shorts, an oversized plaid shirt, and a surgical mask. It took me a couple of hours to get exactly what I wanted, but once I got them I knew the first part of my trip was a success. 

With operation #hallowinning in full effect, I was excited to try out the new feature Uber rolled out: Multiple Destinations. Oh yeah. Basically, I can now schedule a couple of other quick stops - 3 minutes or less - before I reach my final destination. The way it works is simple: tap "+" on the right to add an extra stop when entering your destination in the app. Boom, that's it!

Side note - like, why didn't we get this sooner?! Im still grateful, though :) 

It was time for the second part of my trip, I fully transitioned into my character and requested another ride. Using the multiple stops' feature, I picked up Gabby, stopped to get some matcha, then headed to this notorious underground Japanese restaurant for dinner before the night's festivities. As an avid last-minute shopper, something I oddly pride myself in, I'm always frustrated by the end of it all.  And I must admit that I am still quite impressed at how seamless this whole process was. I'm even more impressed at how consistently I can rely on Uber to help me on my ever-changing quests.

Have you been able to figure out what my costume was? You can see it for yourself here and let me know if I'm #hallowinning or nah

Hint: It's a celebrity! I could've been his long lost twin if we were still in 2016, I was under 21, and my last name was Smith. 

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Photography by Brown Boi Images