Spring Extremes: Bright & Muted

Happy Monday ya'll! It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating and welcoming the New Year. Isn't it scary how fast time flies?! We're now setting into Spring and I'm quite content; It's my second favorite season! [Allergies aside, of course]. I just love when it starts to warm up and natural bright colors reemerge.

Speaking of nature's bright colors making a comeback, so do mine. Perhaps the most luminous piece of clothing currently in my closet is my teal blazer, and I wasted no opportunity to pull it out and put it to use. Paired with black pants to create a distinctive contrast with visuals, I also included hints of neutral tones, like the tie and the tongue of the shoes, to compliment the teal.

Spring doesn't equate to bright colors only, however, muted tones can also be worn to fit the season. Take this look, for example, the color palette consist of beige, tan, white, and black - not your typical Spring collection. Though this time around, I opted to go sans tie and with ripped jeans to lighten the mood of the outfit.

There's another element that begins to reintroduce itself in this season as well: behold the loafer! What I love the most about that style of shoe is that I can fairly easily slide it in and out of my feet. Although loafers can be worn with visible socks, personally I prefer to rock them with no-show socks.

Now that we've visited both end of the spectrum, tell me, on which extreme does your Spring style lean towards? And which one was your favorite look?