The Pursuit of Matcha with Uber

A sponsored post in partnership with Uber. All opinions are my own.

I love matcha! It’s to me what perhaps coffee is to most. The green substance and I are a real "matcha" made in heaven. If you're wondering what exactly it is, well it's finely powdered Japanese green tea leaves with exceptional health benefits. Just like coffee, matcha can be enjoyed as is or can be enjoyed infused in almost anything - hot beverages, food, pastries, cocktails, etc.

The thing is, however, matcha products are not always readily available which makes it a little bit harder for me to get my fix. Since I’m always on the hunt for really cool hole in the wall and dingy spots where great matcha beverages and foods (lattes, bubble tea, sweets...) are served, I thought I'd go on a little adventure to find some.

Living in cities where transit systems are fundamental and easily accessible, I never felt the need to drive. However, I love being driven around - something I'll blame on my parents for spoiling me with a driver as a child. Whether I'm traveling, in a rush, the weather is gloomy and damp, or simply want to get around more efficiently, I rely on Uber to get me where I want and need to be. It's easy to use and easy on my pockets too. Request a ride and let the thrill begin!

My first stop was Intrinsic Cafe, located in Newark where I now reside. Discovering this spot has been the highlight of my day for a couple of reasons. 1) It's rather close to my apartment, just about a five minute drive which totaled less than $5 with uberX, and 2) It's the least expensive! Here, a small iced matcha bubble tea is $2 - I'm speechless. The cool thing about the tea is that it's made without any kind of milk, but the texture is creamy.

After spending a couple of hours at this location working on the blog, I headed towards Manhattan for more discoveries. To save some even more cash, this time I requested an uberPOOL, an option that lets users share rides with other passengers heading to a nearby location. Among the other features that I love the most about using Uber is that the app allows me to track where my ride is, notifies me when it arrives, and provides me with an estimated time of arrival. 

Once in the City, I made my way to a few other sites to indulge in some matcha treats and drink more drankz. Grace Street Cafe, Gong Cha, MatchaBar, Chalait, Dough, and Cha Cha Matcha all made my top list of delicious matcha products, with prices ranging from $4-$6. 


I thoroughly enjoyed my local adventure. I had so much fun commuting around Manhattan and Newark in pursuit of matcha, I'm thinking of making it a tradition in every city I visit. Being impatient and terrible at following or remembering directions, I'm thankful for Uber for saving me a lot of frustrations and getting me to the places in a timely and efficient manner. 

Oh, and before I forget, Uber released a food delivery app called UberEATS, which I'm super excited about. Guess what can be delivered right to my door by an Uber driver-partner when I feel a little too lazy to go out and it? Yup, matcha :) - Gong Cha delivers.

How do you Uber?