Primark Fittings


Exude class, comfort, and confidence

As a proponent of brands that produces size small enough to fit smaller bodies, as well as affordable clothing that project opulence, I can honestly vouch for some of the goods offered at Primark - one of the newest fast-fashion retailers on the East Coast.

This look was styled as part of a campaign for the Holidays. The beauty of it, however, is that it clearly suits for any formal and not-so-formal occasion beyond that. I would comfortably wear it on a date, to meetings, to an event, or as an everyday attire. It exudes class, comfort, and confidence.


The items I purchased for this look are the beanie, the semi-spread collared shirt, the sweater, the denim jeans, and the socks which came from a pack of three. Altogether, the total cost was less than $50. For the sake of transparency, a gift card was provided for this shopping spree as a courtesy; however, this entry is completely voluntary.

I have since returned on a couple more occasions, and I’m quite excited to share more of my budget-friendly ensembles over the next few weeks. Until then… Be sharp, always.