Positive Vibes

Photo Credit: Debbie of DAG iMages


UNIQLO (blazer) | H&M (pants, sweater, shirt) | TIES.COM (tie, socks) | DAPPERTIME (watch) ASOS (shoes)

You've ever had these days when you feel like everything in crumbling around you, and you just want to give up? The days when you question your self-worth and accomplishments? The days when you feel like you're not deserving of any of the good things happening in your life?

This #ootd is about staying positive when those dark times surface. I have had way too many of these days, but thankfully I surrounded myself with supportive, loving, and good people who keep me grounded when I start to drift away [Love you Babe]. Sometimes you just need to step back and look at the bigger picture with fresh eyes to be able to recognized the issue - what's causing it, and address it. It helps keep you in the right mindset, one filled with favorable thoughts.

Dressing up and blogging helps me focus on the good. How I dress usually reflects how I feel, and with this look I'm sending positive vibes. In collaboration with Ties.com, I was able pull it off just the right way with the right accessories - a beautiful crosshatched green cotton tie, a similar pocket square in taupe, and the very playful intelligent socks. Their products are amazing, and they have everything, literally.

White pants aren't just for summer. I'm wearing them with a turquoise striped shirt and a tan sweater to neutralize the look. I went with the navy blazer to help tone down the brighter hues. Socks should always make a statement; that's my personal opinion. 

This story is that of how "once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." - Willie Nelson



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