A Philly Holiday

A sponsored post in partnership with Uber.


Ready or not, ‘tis the season! The season to be jolly, to take part in silly traditions, to come together and be festive, to give, to be intentional, to be present, and to celebrate.


It used to be my favorite time of year, as a child; however, cultural differences quickly changed that. Back home, it was a time of continuous celebration with family and friends, a time to let loose - dance and party, and a time when the gift of presence was worth more than jewels. Somewhere in translation, I lost that.


Now, with my family quite scattered, this time of year is when I feel the loneliest. This year, in lieu of anticipating this forlornness, I wanted to create new customs that make me feel fulfilled and happy. And since traveling enriches my soul, I took an impromptu weekend trip to get in the holiday spirit under Philly’s bright lights.

As an insouciant person, I had no specific plan upon my arrival, so we winged it. During my travels, Uber, a transport request app, is always my favored way to commute between destinations. There are a few of reasons for that:

1. I don’t have to worry about figuring out the city’s transit systems
2. It’s within my budget
3. Safety measures

Elaborating on safety measure, Uber’s safety features include Emergency Assistance, granting you the capacity to contact authorities directly from the app, and Trusted Contacts, the ability to send real-time of your location to your loved ones. The latter came in handy on this trip since it was a spontaneous outing.


So, I requested an UberX and took in the sights from the backseat of my ride.


Just as the sun was about to begin to set, the streets came alive - they were shining. In the freezing temperatures, we strolled into a restaurant for some delicious hot chocolate. Then, we headed towards the park to watch the electrical holiday light show, sip on some “eggnog”, and eat churros. It was fun and loving!

This year, I’m determined to redefine what the holidays mean to me. I intend to once again feel that jubilant childlike love I once did by doing what makes me feel the most alive - and traveling does just that. Who knows where to next?