Pescavegan Diaries

A sponsored post in partnership with Uber. All opinions are my own.


This kid is a Pescavegan. I don’t know if it’s an official term, but I like to refer to my diet as such. It’s basically mostly consuming like a vegan, but I also eat fish - mostly because I’m brazenly addicted to salmon, and eggs on occasion. Although my abstinence from meat products was a personal choice last summer; however, my eschewal of dairy products is derived from an intolerance.

With a pescavegan diet, it’s rather hard to find places outside of NYC that serve good food that I can eat, let alone have options. Since I live in what I like to call The Jerz, aka Jersey, I set out to find a few local gems serving delicious food that I wanted to try. And because “sharing is caring”, as they say, I figured I’d let you in on the scoop. You’re welcome.

Once again, Uber was my go-to conveyance to get to the aforementioned gems. Uber’s app lets you request a ride, track its whereabouts and the route to your destination. A bit of a spoiled brat when it comes to personal space, I almost always request an uberX ensuring the whole ride to myself. With a long day ahead, operation pescavegan diaries began.


Among the list of visits were places I’d never been before and wanted to try, as well as places where I’ve become a regular patron. Some were exclusively vegan like Blueberry Café’s entire selection, while others had vegan options like Raymond’s chili (minus the toppings). My intake for the day included a salmon burger and fries, fish tacos, chili, “chicken” and pineapple fried rice, nice cream, zucchini bread, and the most delicious vegan burger in town, courtesy of Blueprint Café.


It’s always a nice treat to be a solo diner, both for #selfcare points and also because solo diners are considered VIPs in restaurants - don’t say I never gave you an insider tip. Do you want to know what can be an equally sweet treat, though? Eating with friends! With Uber’s Accessibility Features, I have the option to request a ride for a friend in three easy steps. They are:

1. Open the app. Hit Where To?
2. Pick your rider. The selection can be from the centered drop-down option.
3. You’re good to go! Your chosen friend will get a text from Uber with the details.

Already an exceptionally picky eater, dietary restrictions can make it more difficult for me to satisfy my appetite with healthy and delectable grub. I enjoy these hunts because it forces me to journey to discover new flavors of food that my particular palette will find endearing.


Until next time…

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