Pattern Power

Photo Credit: Debbie of DAG iMages


H&M (blazer, denim, bracelets) | .BK (shirt) | THRIFTED (vest) | SPREZZABOX: The Knottery (tie), Unsimply Stitched (socks) | TIMBERLAND (boots) | TIES.COM (tie bar)

Give dapperly!

I got hit by Milli's pattern power from Team Umizumi, and this is what came of it: a beautiful blend of of colors, textures, layers, and patterns.

I came up with this look when I working on my first Holiday Gift Guide this year. The guide includes a variety of brands and I wanted to bring them all together in a couple of #ootds. In partnership with those brands, I was able to offer you, my readers, some exclusive discounts. Check it out here!

This #ootd is about appreciation. Tis the season of love, care, gifts and appreciation. Things have been happening so fast my in life. Only 5 months ago did I embark on this path to share myself, my stories, and my style with you. Now, because of your support, a lot of doors have been opening and I have gotten so many opportunities. Through all of that, I've realized that I have not really taken the time to treasure the steps it took me to get here. 

Although a lot of good things were happening, it felt like it was never enough. I was being greedy and selfish, I needed more. I never truly felt happy because I was never satisfied. I finally stopped, and I turned around to look at what I had accomplished in my journey, and then it hit me. I wasn't happy because I was too blinded by the chase, and it prevented me from seeing that I had, in fact, reached and surpassed the goals I had set for myself. Learn from my mistake and take the time to value journey to success.

This story is that of how sometimes you just need to stop in your tracks, look back and really appreciate what you've done so far to reach your goal. Its a journey.




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