: Debbie of Dag iMages

ROCKING:  The Tailory NYC (jacket) | Bailey (hat) | H&M (shirt, jeans) | Sprezzabox (tie, pocket square, socks)

I literally cannot get enough of this DB blazer - it gives me life. I like finding and creating new ways to style it, and the uniform of a state trooper inspired this look. By now, you should be realizing that this little buddy, Frenchi, is my "K9".

I was in Dumbo shooting this look, when Frenchi (not his real name)'s owner offered him to me to take photos with - I guess he understood the state trooper theme I had in mind. I was a little skeptical at first because I'm afraid of dogs; you know the ones that are twice your size, yeah mostly those.  He was so sweet though, and he was trained. "Sit, pose," is what the owner said, and Frenchi complied although I was warned that it would not last long. It was fun.

Portraying the modernized and fashionable state trooper was a success in my sharp suit jacket, cuffed jeans, and killer boots. Frenchi was the real trooper. Do you think I pulled it off?