Summer Chic


Happy Monday everyone! It's getting super hot and humid here in NYC, and as much as I love wearing suits, jeans, and layers, the heat is becoming unbearable. To stay cool during this toasty summer, I've enlisted the help of my dear seasonal friends, shorts and vests.

I like a classy look, as dressed down as it may be, so I opted for tailored shorts with a plain white t-shirt. For a little bit of texture, a seersucker vest did just fine. As I'm a firm believer that small details create if pictures, I added some popping accessories. 

I could've easily worn some cute loafers, but in the end I felt the red sneakers had a more relaxing vibe. Would you say so?

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Hat by Forever21
Shorts by Thiftstore
Vest by Asos
Watch by Timex
Sneakers by Brooks Heritage