Something Blue

What better way to beat the Monday blues than by wearing something blue?

In today's case, it's this wide peak-lapel blazer. Close to four inches wide, this custom made piece exudes power - It has a presence like no other. Blue is also my favorite color, so it wasn't very hard for me to fall in love with this jacket.

My goal was to wear it and maintain a business look while being comfortable in this heat. Not wearing a tie was my best option. I opted for bright orange shirt to elevate the prominence of the hues and create a nice blend of contrast. It is summer after all, light and bright colors are the way to go!

Remember: Details matter! The choice of accessories tied all of the different pieces together to create a more cohesive look by adding that "WOW" factor.

Jacket by The Tailory NYC
Shirt/Pants by H&M
Socks by Gallant & Beau
Shoes by Asos