On the Road With Diesel

What I appreciate the most about what I do is the creative freedom to express myself. This season, I was granted an amazing platform as one of the first two women selected to create content in The Studios of Liberty Fairs. 

Liberty Fairs, if you didn't know, is a menswear trade show that allows brands to showcase their upcoming collections with the public. As part of their initiative (The Studio), LF gathers a small group of influencers with different abilities and visions for content creation purposes.

As Diesel is one of the main sponsors of the event, in anticipation of the show, we partnered with Diesel to capture and share The Road to Liberty Fairs. By we, I mean Danielle and me.   

The adventure began when I flew from NY to LA to explore more of the city. My photographer had never been there and it was only my second time, so we set out to be tourists. We spent our couple of days perusing the streets of Hollywood, shooting the different outfits, trying out different cuisines, and enjoying the temperature.

Then early Saturday morning, we headed towards Vegas on the road. Of course, we had to make a stop in the desert to capture the scenic views. There's something very compelling about those surroundings in a frame.

As we arrived on the Strip of Vegas, my excitement level skyrocketed. Here we finally are, we've made it to the end of the road.

I had a lot of fun styling the pieces from Diesel. The brand's raw and edgy aesthetic expanded my creativity realm. I wanted to showcase the versatility of the pieces and the different styles that can be molded from them - classic rock, street, casual chic, and edgy.


First Look: Leather Jacket
Second Look: JacketJeansBoots
Third Look: DenimTurtleneck SweaterHat
Fourth Look: DenimT-shirtShoeHat
Fifth Look:  JacketJeans