That Old School Swag

Hi friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! After a quick vacation followed by a long weekend, I'm back on the grind and ready to get to work. As the year nears its end, so does Fall, but I plan to enjoy the last bits of it in layers and earthy tones.

A big fan of the 1920s, 30s, 50s all through the 70s, I find tremendous inspiration in the old era of fashion. With a slight modern spin, my aim was to recreate how I would dress if I lived back then . Watching movies about those periods, I always focus on the fashion and how well dressed the men, women, and children were. It's apparent that a lot of effort and care was given to their appearance.

As the slim fit didn't become a trend until a few years ago, I retained that aspect in this outfit with the oversized pants. Playing off three main colors: navy, brown, and olive; I picked a few pieces to bring my vision to life. 

Although it may appear as if I have a lot of clothes and layers on, the look is quite simple. I'm wearing a navy shirt and tie combo with olive pants, and to add the vintage feel I added a vest and short jacket. With just a few accessories within the color scheme, I achieve that old school swag.

Jacket by prayers
Vest by Asos
Pants by Frank & Oak
Shoes by Sebago at 6pm