College Lyfe

: Debbie of Dag iMages

ROCKING:  The Tailory NYC (shirt) H&M (blazer, jeans) | Sprezzabox (watch) | JAMS (shoes) | TV Head Company (bow tie, pocket square) | Aegis Handcraft (bag) | Happy Socks (socks) 

Back To School! (College Edition)

Transitioning from high school into college is like becoming an adult. There are so much more responsibilities, the work load is much bigger, and the expectations are much higher. We learn to choose our paths and make career decisions while embarking on a new journey to determine the rest of our lives. It is scary and filled with uncertainty.

The way you carry yourself should reflect those changes. It's time to ditch the high school trends you've been following the past 4 years and create your own. You're growing up, be a leader. 
Knowing that I'm well dressed gives me the confidence I often lack in various aspects of my life. As you step into this new chapter your lives, I hope this look will inspire you to look and feel your best with grace and conviction.

Have a great year!