Change Shoes and Move

I'm finally getting around to uploading this batch of photos on here. I know it's way past summer, but we're still in 2016 so that counts for something right? Let's just nod yes.

A few months ago, I styled this look with two things in mind: comfort and chic style. Whether I'm in suits or vests, jeans or slacks, shoes or sneakers, I like to keep the dressing well element in the way I present myself. 

Knowing I was going to be walking around the city for a while, I opted to do that in comfortable running sneakers. Although I was well dressed, the scene where I wanted to relax that afternoon had a no sneaker policy. To my luck or mostly out of habit, I also had a pair of shoes with me. Not that shoes weren't comfortable, I just love them so much that I don't like wearing them often.

I could easily transition from hanging out to a more formal setting, all I had to do was change shoes and move.