Blue Steel

Happy almost Friday everyone!  I'm excited to finally share this look with you. When I was designing this suit and choosing fabrics at The Tailory, I initially just wanted a plain cobalt blue one. However, I couldn't resist myself when I laid eyes on this beauty. Blue and black plaid with a hint of pink, who would pass on that? Of course, I had to make it a DB (double breasted).

I first wore the suit during New York Fashion Week: Men's, and it was a definitely a favorite. I even made it in Vogue, and that was certainly one of the highlights of my week. You'll definitely be seeing more  of it!

Oh, a lot of you have asked me about getting custom suits that are affordable; well, I have great news! The Tailory is now offering 2-piece suits for $595! If you're interested just shoot me a quick email :).