A New Year Full of Promise and Uber Joy

A sponsored post in partnership with Uber. All opinions are my own.


Photography by Gabrielle Royal

A new year. Oui, une nouvelle année. 

A time to celebrate life: new and old. A time to toast to the successes and growths of the previous one, and to set new goals to annihilate. A moment to celebrate with loved ones, new friends, or complete strangers to share a unified sense of gratitude. Marking the end of an era and the start of a one nouveau, a new year is an opportunity at a beginning.

Personally, I like to commemorate the occasion by doing simple things that make one feel rejuvenated. In anticipation of a new year, getting a fresh hair cut and treating myself to delightful sweets are some of the ways I practice this act of self-care. Given that public transportation hours and service alter during the Holidays, I comfortably put my trust in Uber's app to help me navigate the day avec ease. 

Once more, uberX was the go-to option. Having the car to oneself  is a luxury I'm certain anyone would grow accustomed to. Priority is always given to nourishment making the first order of business a leisurely déjeuner, followed by a trip to the barbershop for a touch up. 

Using the app's multiple destinations feature - my favorite thus far, I requested a ride. This feature allows you to make up to three quick stops en route to the final destination, as long as the stops are limited to three minutes or less. The plan was to pick up my dashing evening attire from the dry cleaners and proceed to my friend's apartment to enjoy a few drams of whiskey. Nothing soothes the soul better than the warmth of this spirit on a cold winter day.

Reflecting on all of what transpired in the year, I like to take a bit of time to myself to review old goals, jot down some thoughts, and think about my failures. In spite it all of the defeats, the aim is to end the holidays with a bang and ring in a New Year full of promise, possibilities, and uber joy.

Here's to 2018!