Photo Credit: Sarah of Portraits To The People


OLD NAVY (jacket) | H&M (shirt, denim) | ALDO (belt) | SPEKO (bow tie) | JACOBIES (shoes) | DAPPERTIME (watch) | HARRISON BLAKE (lapel flower)

Who are you? What defines you?

Who am I?

I'm Sara. I'm Haitian. I'm an artist. I blog about menswear. Oh, and I'm queer.

The Identity Project by Sarah Deragon is a project whose purpose is to appraise the descriptions we use as tags when defining our gender and sexuality. I am very honored to have been chosen to a part of this project, and I am proud to share it with you.

For so long, I dealt with sexual identity crisis. I knew I loved women since I was in the 5th grade. I was 8, and I was in love with a teacher. How do you tell that to your parents? Mom, Dad, I love Mrs. X way more than I should? I thought I wasn't normal because I didn't know people could be gay. I was taught it was a deadly sin and that I should hate, so I hated myself along with all the other queers in the world. Yes, I was a homophobe. 

It wasn't until I moved to New York and joined my high school's soccer team that I realized that we were all still human beings. We cared for each other and we loved one another just like heterosexuals. I was ashamed and in denial.

Coming out was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life. I came out about 2 years ago, and I am still coming out today. 

This #ootd is about identity. I can now be myself with the people I love, and that is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. I'm grateful for all the love and support from my family, my friends, and sometimes even strangers. 

I'm wearing warm and earthy tones. A dark grey shirt with a tan jacket provide a nice balance of visual contrast. I went with very minimal accessories - a green chambray bow tie, a green lapel flower, a braided brown belt, and a golden watch. For a little pop, I wore the dark blue denim jeans along with my brown loafers.

This story is that of how I identify as a girl who loves girls. Gay. Queer. Dapper. Haitian. Chick.



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