Hot Booty

: Debbie of Dag iMages


ASOS (trench coat) | AE (sweater) | H&M (jeans, hat) |  J SHOES (boots)


Who ever wrote the rule that you can't wear boots in the summer? Talk to the hand!

Inspired by the nautical elements, my goal for this look was to showcase a comfortable, casual, yet chic ensemble. If you're planning on going on a boat this summer, whether you'll be sailing or attending a party on a yacht, this look will do. It's always colder by the water, and the coat will certainly aid in keeping you covered.

Seriously, how amazing are these boots? Ladies, this one is for you - it's actually a pair of women's boots. Although the combination of the details and the colors are what makes them really intriguing, I think the woven detail is what won me over. I love them!

I love them so much that I teamed up with J Shoes to give you a little present. By using the promo code ADC30, you'll receive 30% off your purchase at J SHOES.  

Now fellas, no worries because I've got your back as well. Here is my top pick of the boots in the men's collection, and you can enjoy the discount too :). 

Yes, that's right, you get 30% off the entire weekend! Bonus? You can also enjoy free shipping until tomorrow.

Until next time...