Ti Kannòt

: Stephora Geffrard / Edit: Ariam Geffrard

ROCKING:  The Tailory NYC (shirt, cargo pants) | Made in Haiti (hat, bag) | 6PM (sneakers)

For the first time ever, I visited Jacmel, a city located in the south east of Haiti.

Although I was born and grew up in Haiti, I rarely left the capital, Port-au-Prince. This time around, I was on a mission to get out and explore my country, and my first stop was Lakou Nouyòk which literally translates into New York Yard.

The scenery was breathtaking! The people are so polite, helpful, and beyond talented. The streets are filled with artists and their craft. The bag and the hat I'm rocking with this look were purchased as soon as I got there.
The beach, oh, the beach!

These summer pieces from The Tailory NYC were just perfect for the vision I had for this shoot. It was summer paradise. It was home.