: Debbie of Dag iMages

ROCKING:  H&M (shirt, tie, pants) | Topman (vest) | Jay Butler(shoes)

One of the highlights of this Summer is that I had the opportunity to visit GQ's Headquarters to interview Pamela Kaupinen, the Senior Marketing Director of GQ. If you're a GQ Insider
or you know about the GQ Insider program, then you should know that Pam is
the woman behind it.
Pam divulged her story, her beginnings with GQ, and GQ Insider. Read the interview here!  

Dressing well is a connotation associated with the acronym GQ. It's only fair to assume that I would be dressed to the nines when entering the magazine's premises.

This chest speaks volumes! I really wanted to bring out the boldness of the vest, so I went with an all white canvas. I kept it subtle with a black tie, tan loafers, and light accessories. I must tell you that walking into the headquarters, I felt like a million bucks.