Holiday Gift Guide

Photo Credit: Debbie of DAG iMages


Tis the season of giving and I've got plenty of goodies for you!

The Holidays are here! Christmas is right around the corner and the New Year is quickly approaching. Let's us celebrate the end of wonderful year. It's time for love, joy, and... GIFTS

I have teamed up with, Nick Graham, Hello Oliver, DapperTime, and SprezzaBox to bring you some exclusive deals. 

TIMBERLAND (boots) - Give the gift of style and protection! I love these duck boots. They're stylish, they're comfortable and best of all, they're waterproof. The perfect gift for the season, everybody loves them. I like dressing them up as they truly embody the essence the "Rugged & Refined" theme. These boots also come in black, and as a bonus there is a chukka version. You can find the duck boots here.

Use WELCOME14 to get 10% off + Free Shipping 


.BK (polka dot shirt) - Give a limited edition gift! One of the main reasons why I love their shirts is because they are made in small batches which means their collections are all limited edition. With only 100 pieces made, it makes a unique gift. This particular shirt is from the Founders collection, you can get it here.

The new Old Souls collection is even more beautiful and special with only 60 pieces made. My personal favorite is the green hollingsworth because of its rare embroidered gingham fabric and of course, the colors. 

Use ADAPPERCHICK and get 15% off until January 5th.


TIES.COM (tie bar & gift boxes filled with accessories) - Give a gift that matters! I received my first ever tie bar from these guys, and I am in love. I wear it every single day, it made a huge difference in my wardrobe.

When it comes to accessories, literally has everything. From ties to pocket squares to tie bars to socks to wallets to scarves, and even tie racks, they have everything. Their tie collection is remarkable. The item comes packaged in this neat red gift box, so you dont even need to worry about wrapping presents. Here is a collaboration I did with last month.

Use ADAPPERCHICK and get 20% off + Free Holiday Shipping.


NICK GRAHAM (blue gingham shirt and tie set) - Give the gift that gives back! Nick is doing a One for One campaign with Career Gear, for every set sold, a shirt and tie set is being donated to Career Gear. I had the pleasure of meeting Nick a few weeks ago, and just as his sets suggests, he's a fun and quirky guy.

Blue is my favorite color, so when I received this shirt as a gift, I was beyond excited and knowing that it helped someone in need was very comforting. Grab a set from the holiday collection here

Use ADAPPERCHICK and get 30% off + Free Shipping.


HELLO OLIVER (lapel flowers) - Give a handmade gift with love! Here's what I love about Hello Ollie. 1) The pins are super distinctive and beautiful, 2) I get to pick the back option - button, military clutch, stick pin, or even a magnet, and 3) They're handmade and well crafted. That's just the right combination for the pockets. Wait, I even scored you a discount.

Use ADAPPERCHICK and get 30% off.


DAPPERTIME (watches) - Give the gift of time, dapper time! You know from my posts that most of my watches are from DapperTime. They have a huge selection of great-looking timepieces that are categorized as Dapper, Honest, Aviator, Vintage, Tech, and even For Her. There's a watch for everyone! 

DapperTime recently launched a new collection. They are breathtaking, but don't just take my word for it, head on over there and see for yourself. They're spot on, you can't miss the signature D. I'll be adding some to my growing collection.

Use DONTLEAVEBEDAPPER and get 10% off + Free Shipping.


SPREZZABOX (socks, polka dot tie) - Give the gift of a monthly Christmas! For only $28 a month, get 4 to 5 different men's fashion accesories from various brands. The boxes very every month. Sign up here! Join me and #getdapper



Boots c/o Timberland

Blue gingham shirt and tie set c/o Nick Graham

Tie bar, accessories, and gift boxes c/o

Polka dot striped shirt c/o .BK

Lapel flowers c/o Hello Oliver

Watch (black) c/o DapperTime

Socks and polka dot tie c/o SprezzaBox

Blazers and Denim purchased from H&M

Vest purchased from a thrift shop