A Framily Affair


Photography by Brown Boi Images

Thanksgiving, according to the dictionary, is the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, especially to God. Made into a holiday, it's a time usually allocated to perform these acts surrounded by family, preparing and enjoying an abundant meal. 

You can imagine how lonely it can be during this time if you're alone. With my immediate family dispersed, the closest ones living abroad, I thought I would spend my time sitting alone in my apartment, watching Netflix and eating junk food. What I failed to acknowledge was all of the wonderful and supportive people I have in my life who were right there within reach - my framily.

So when Uber reached out with the idea of commemorating friends, I was determined to do something to show my appreciation. We were going to get together and have a great meal! Perhaps it would have been more traditional to actually cook a meal, but we're millennials; gone are the old days. Okay, the reality is that I can't cook a feast, so I took initiative and made a reservation. That's kind of the same thing, right?


With the restaurant located in one of the most hectic neighborhoods in Manhattan, an area that is heavily touristic, I relied on Uber to get me there. The ability to have more control over my time and my whereabouts from the convenience of my phone is why I trust the app.

Amongst the available options, I chose to request an uberPOOL this time around as it gets me to my destination just as fast, and the rides are even more affordable. I get to share the trip with other riders who are going the same way, so we share the cost. It's a cheap option and the fare is secured. The extra cash went straight to the mimosas!


Often times, certain establishments will not seat the part until all of the guests have arrived. That was the case, and I was the remaining member. Running a bit behind schedule, one feature from the Uber app came in handy. To let my framily know just when I was leaving my place, and give them an idea of just how soon the'd be able to eat, I shared my ETA with them. It allowed them to keep track of my trip status, which made me feel more at ease and safer.


I eventually made it to lunch and it was fantastic. It felt great to be surrounded by people I truly care for, people who I can be myself around sans judgement. Satisfied, we roamed the streets of the city laughing all the way back to Jersey. It's a wonderful feeling to have people who consistently show up for you. For that, I am eternally grateful. To family, to old and new friends, to family... Here's to a wicked holiday season!

And more days filled with love.

This holiday season, if you're looking to have a jolly and hassle-free experiences, I definitely recommend planning ahead and taking advantage of Uber's services.