BlueStone Lane is #CaféGoals

Whenever I visit Philly, whether it's for a day trip or a weekend, I make it my business to have lunch/brunch at Bluestone Lane, a visually stimulating café with a calm atmosphere and a minimalistic aesthetic.

Amongst the reasons why I'm in love with this spot are their wifi offering and their palatable menu options. In other words, I can take pretty food photos and post them right away - #blogger. On the menu, they offer selections I believe all cafés should have: avocado toast, matcha, and loose leaf teas.  Being a creature of habit and a picky eater, that would literally be my brunch order for life, so it won't come as a surprise when I say that I have yet to try anything else on the menu. 

I'm always seeking inspiration and peace of mind, and Bluestone Lane in Philly offers me both. Whether it's because of the color scheme or the set up of the interior décor, I find solace sitting at this window.  Although they have multiple locations in NY, the feeling just isn't quite the same.