Denim Conscious

Photo Credit: Debbie of DAG iMages


H&M (jeans, hooded shirt, belt, blazer) | ASOS (shoes) | HARRISON BLAKE (lapel flower) | SPREZZABOX: American Trench (socks) | BENJAMIN BAYLE (pocket square) | DAPPERTIME (watch)

Dapper Chicks of New York's denim theme.

When the idea behind DCNY first planted itself in my head, I wanted to do it around a specific theme. I was debating between "Leather Jackets" and "Fall Denim". We eventually settled on combining both concepts.

I chose to predominantly wear denim. I love denim.

This #ootd is about taking a stand. It is my contribution to H&M's denim conscious campaign. "Go green, wear blue." I'm also taking a stand against bullying of any kind. As mentioned in DCNY, I was a victim of cyber-bully. It sucks and it hurts. No one should ever have to be unjustly awarded epithets. It is petty, small, and ignorant. If there is one thing you should take from this, it is that you shouldn't care about some unknown cowards' - who hide behind keyboards and screens, validation of yourself.

Le denim et le cuir. I'm wearing a pair of jeans with a nice tan lining that compliments both my belt and my shoes. I picked this awesome textured blue hooded top to accentuate the theme. The seersucker denim blazer brings the whole look together while exuding that "wow" effect. As for the accessories, I kept it golden with my jewelry and lapel flower. Lastly, I went with this leafy dark blue pocket square to spice things up.

This story is that of how you should fight for what you believe in. Say no, take a stand, and make a difference.



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