Deconstructed: 3 Ways To Wear A Suit

Happy Thursday, everyone! 

Frequently, a lot of you wonder if I only wear full suits. I mean apart from mostly sharing that style on Instagram, I can understand why you'd come to that conclusion because of the connotations surrounding the word 'dapper'. After all, I am A Dapper Chick.

The answer, however, is a solid no. The beauty of a suit is that it can be worn in different ways, just like anything else in your wardrobe. A suit can be dressed up, down, and worn as separates. In the first demonstration of Deconstructed: 3 Ways, I'll show you how the breakdown of how I styled one my suits in three distinct ways.

Look #1 - Make a Lasting Impression

If you're going to wear a full suit, then make a lasting impression. This particular fabric is a dark heather grey with strokes of royal blue and gold. To accentuate on the blues, I paired it with a small striped navy shirt. 

Now here's the deal, one of the secrets to accessorizing well is by playing off a subtle color on a fabric. In this case, the golden streak was the most quiet, so I went with a solid tie and patterned socks of similar hues to help bring it forward.

As for the shoes, double monk straps are my go-to styles, They are conversation starters; they're graceful and refined. These particular ones were custom made in Spain with supreme craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Look #2 - Casual Friday at the Office

Summer days are officially here and Fridays just got that much shorter - Hooray! Don't want to get too dressed up for the office so you won't have to go home and change for the turn up with your friends later? I've got you covered!

I styled this look so that it can smoothly transition from casual office to after hour chic. I went simple a pain white t-shirt, the suit slacks, and a neutral vest. Also, nothing screams casual better than sleek sneakers.

Oh, there's an actual reason for the jacket (yes, I know it's blazing hot and I'm not crazy). It's to help with your freezing office, the equally freezing train or bus rides, and the much cooler temperatures at night since we all know we won't be getting home until 2 am. Blame your friends!

Look #3 -  Summer Swing

It's not really summer until the straw hats start popping up. Okay, maybe it's because I'm Caribbean, but I think every one should own one. How can it impact an outfit? Well, look no further, actually just look above and below. It adds an air of vacation and elegance to any look. 

This time, I only chose to wear the suit jacket, pairing it with a lighter navy blue shade than that of the loafers for contrast purposes. Keeping it cool and low key, I opted for a white t-shirt.

With only 7 pieces of clothing, 3 shoes, and minimal accessories, I was able to create three different styles. Knowing how to mix and match your wardrobe pieces is an excellent skill to hone; it comes very handy when traveling.

Thanks for stopping by! Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Look #1
Suit by The Tailory
Shirt by H&M
Shoes by Andres Sendra

Look #2
Vest by Asos
Jacket by Grayers
Sneakers by Cole Haan

Look #3
Hat by Forever21
Pants by Frank and Oak
Shoes by Zara