Day in the Life

A sponsored post in partnership with Uber. All opinions are my own.


What's a typical day for me? Well, let me start by revealing that my days aren't at all typical. Some are nearly identical with routines and following set schedules, while others are never quite the same. In entrepreneurship, things shift rather unexpectedly and I find myself often adjusting to current situations and moving forward. Today, in partnership with Uber, I'm sharing the details of an untypical day in the life of, well, me.

Speaking of unusualities, I'm a 26 year old who doesn't know how to drive, which is precisely why I rely heavily on Uber's ride sharing app. They have also been moving forward, as Uber just added the Safety Toolkit - a screen with safety features designed to provide peace of mind, and make the ride that much smoother.

My safety is paramount, so I'm grateful for the trio of new safety features within the Safety Toolkit listed just below. 

1. Trusted Contacts - This allows you to select up to five people you want to be made aware of your trip, your exact location, and your ETA. I enjoy that they're able to follow real time updates, specially if I'm running behind to a meet-up.

2. Emergency Assistance - With this feature, you can now contact authorities and see your location by calling 911 direct from the app.

3. The Safety Center - a segment dedicated to learn more about Uber's new and improved safety tools, and the things they're doing to help keep riders safe (e.g. insurance protection, driver screenings, and more).

As long as moving forward means also improving their services primarily with riders' well-beings and safeties in mind, I'm all here for it. And I'm sure I'm not alone.

On to my untypical day! Health and wellness are becoming increasingly important to me, so I usually start my day off by heading to the gym for a beastly workout. Although this time around, I settled for a nice run in the park. After which, I returned home to take a quick shower, jot down for agenda for the day (with room for alterations), and grab my notes and my gear. I like getting things done in one sortie, it's when I feel the most productive.


Today's Agenda tentatively:

• Work out / Shower
• Shoot content / Write blog draft
• Lunch meeting with my buddy
• Emails / Errands
• Complete calendar tasks

The most consistent part of days are my daily agendas - there's no greater sense of accomplishment for me than crossing off my task one by one. 

I requested an uberX, mainly for spacious purposes and comfortability. En route to my meeting, I shared my trip using Trusted Contacts with my buddy to give them an update, and I also took the opportunity to tend to my emails and check my calendar. I'm glad to say, it was a belly-filled, successful meeting. Then, it was time to put the gear to use and shoot some new style content for my upcoming blog entries.


Finally, I needed to run some errands for my last stop of the day. I set out for the supermarket to get groceries because in order to keep up with this lifestyle, a well-balanced diet is needed. Having one too many items to carry, I requested a final ride back home to settle in, do some meal prep, catch up on more work, and get ready for a whole new day.