Boardwalk Escape

A sponsored post in partnership with Uber. All opinions are my own.


I’m a Pisces - a dreamer, by nature. Pisceans live in a fantasy world created in our minds. A means of egress is much needed, even necessary to keep us sane and balanced. Oftentimes, I need to escape from the realities of life to release, to refuel my creativity and get inspired again, or to recharge and realign my focus.

To satisfy that need, it’s very much like me to just get up and disappear somewhere, without any warning or any trace.  The thing is, I'm always craving new experiences. I like to simply go with the flow and see where it takes me - never interested in making plans. This time around, I felt pulled to the beach. Now, it should be known that I am not at all fond of the beach. Perhaps I'm too boujee for the sand, or my palette is too refined for the saltiness of the water, or I'm just a weirdo fish who only dips her tail (I mean toes) in, who knows. However, I like the calming sound of the waves, the endless view of the ocean, and walking on the boardwalk. The flow was guiding me to the beach.

I personally don't drive, so unless a friend is willing to give me a lift, I typically just hop in an Uber - a ride request app that gets me where I need to be. When I'm in this mindset, I like my quiet, so my go-to car option is an uberX mostly because I like having the car to myself.  

Although this free-spirited way of living is fun and interesting for me, I forget how worrisome it can be for my family and friends. With Uber's new Trusted Contacts feature, I am now able to share my whereabouts with my loved ones and eliminate their concern for my safety. The feature is easy to set up, simply open the app, click set up Trusted Contacts ( you can add up to 5), select your picks, and you're all done. Just like that, your loved ones can follow your ride.


Where to? My destination was Asbury Boardwalk in The Garden State. It was quite an enjoyable time worth documenting with distant live music, art murals, fish tacos, ice cream, and a cotton candy view of the sky as the sun set. I've concluded that I might not like the beach, but I do like what's around it.

Until next time...