Black Tie Affair

Photo Credit: Debbie of DAG iMages


H&M (blazer, pants) | EDWARDS (shirt) | JACOBIES (shoes) | DAPPERTIME (watch) | ALDO (belt)

This outfit should've been my attire to my prom! I wore a "cinderella" dress. Does that shock you? Looking back, it still shocks me too.

With this #ootd, I am paying homage to my late uncle Leo. His motto was "look good, smell good, feel good." I live by these words every day.

I'm wearing this detailed camouflage blazer with black chinos. Nothing looks more clean than a crisp white shirt to properly contrast the dark shades. I coalesced it all with the triple threat browns - watch, belt, loafers. This story is that of how the world is a little less bright without Uncle Leo.



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