Behind the Scenes

A sponsored post in partnership with Uber. All opinions are my own.


Often times, we only like to share the glamorous side of things. When it comes to styled photo shoots, that side is the final edited image. We see it all of the time on social media, in magazines, on advertising billboards, the aim to show perfection.

When producing style content, a lot goes on behind the scenes that are not often shared. It takes good preparation and planning to properly execute a vision and capture the precise moment to get that final image. Today, I thought I'd open up and share something a little bit different - an exclusive look at what it's like behind the scenes of my photo shoots.

Typically, in addition to my outfit of the day, I like to prepare and carry at least 2 more looks to shoot in different locations. While my photographer, Debbie, is in charge of bringing her camera equipment, I also carry mine along with my laptop and my accessories. Needless to say, I'm always commuting with multiple carrying bags that are often way too heavy for my strength.

To relieve my load, I simply Uber around town from one location to the next. The most appealing bonus about my little system is that I never have to worry about parking (like... ain't nobody got time for that).  

One the most important things that occur is the scouting of locations for production. A lot of time is often lost figuring out transportation from site to site to capture to right image and mood. As we all know, time is money and money holds value, so my time is precious.

With Uber, being able to schedule rides ahead of time and at no extra cost not only saves money, but alleviates some of the stress of planning and enables me to refocus my energy on other important things. And just in case I may forget, Uber notifies me when my ride is arriving, which  makes it easier for me to stick to my agenda.

From that point on, it really just comes down to making sure I look on par before we begin shooting. Because I don't carry a mirror, I look for reflective walls (glass) to check myself. I often just change in the streets (although I probably shouldn't be sharing that, but hey we're sharing secrets, right?!), or in a Starbucks restroom. A lot of times, more than I'm willing to admit, things just don't go as planned. I almost always forget something so I end up improvising and creating new looks on the fly.


When it comes to my photos, I like to see them right away to get a feel for them. If what I see doesn't move me, if the angle isn't right, if my hair is out place, if there's an unwanted person in my shot, you know the tiniest little detail that "disturbs" my shot, I will do it over and over again until it is just right.


As my final scheduled Uber ride takes me back to the comfort of my home, the last and perhaps the most crucial phase of the entire process begins. The editing phase. I usually let Debbie handle that phase but I like being present to make sure the changes being made are to my liking. It's always amazing to see the before and after shots, where one can fully start the appreciate all of the efforts it takes for just that one frame.