Badass Bomber

: Debbie of Dag iMages


ASOS (jacket, vest, watch, shoes) | H&M (shirt, jeans, belt) | SPREZZABOXSKINNYFATTIES (tie)  | SOCK101 (socks) | THE TIE MAKER (bracelets)

Be a Badass in your field!

Seriously, whatever you really want to do, aim be so darn good at it. I'm not saying to go flaunt yourself and show off how amazing you know you are though. We must remain humble, it's attractive.

I take so much pride in anything I do. I work the hardest to be the best. That's probably because I grew up in a very competitive environment, or maybe I just felt like I always needed to prove myself and live up to expectations.

My parents are educators and they own a school, so you understand why I always had to be best. I had a reputation to uphold. That's something I've carried with me in the real world, except that now I work hard to be the best for my own personal growth, and that's badass.

People are going to talk and hate regardless of what you do, so don't waste your time trying to please others, instead focus on pleasing yourself.

This story is that of how you shouldn't "waste your energy trying to change opinions... Do your thing, and don't care if they like it." - Tina Fey




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