Avec Classe

Photo Credit: Debbie of DAG iMages


H&M (jacket, pants, suspenders, socks) | IMANI UOMO (bow tie) | EDWARDS (shirt) | ASOS (watch) | JACOBIES (shoes)

It's Monday, yay.

I know no one ever really says that, but I actually mean it. It's going to be a very productive week. I'm excited for what is to come :).

This #ootd is about the woman in the mirror. For so long, I dealt with a fear of rejection that I was never willing to take any risks. I was comfortable, yet miserable. Since I started this blog, things have changed for the better. Now, the woman looking back at me in that mirror is happier and more confident. 

I'm wearing heather gray pants with a plain white shirt. The sleeves are rolled up to portray a more relaxed and scruffy look. For a classic touch, I added the suspenders and the bow tie. I like to keep things simple with just a watch. This story is that of how I'm truly grateful for continued support that you all give me.

Thank you.



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