Haitian Food: A Satisfying Lunch Platter


As a Haitian native, I like to indulge in our signature delicacies. Living in the U.S., it's not always easy to eat a true Haitian meal, let alone enjoy just a few bites. Not that I've thoroughly searched, but I've yet to find a restaurant here that offers real tasty Haitian food. So, if momma, sista, or la familia ain't cooking, I'm left to fend for myself the taste of home in the scrapes of American cuisine.

Last summer, however, I booked a flight precisely to go eat some of that good good (see photos). Okay, I had other motives but the food was a definite bonus, and when it's free, well even better. While touring Best Western Premier Haiti, the chef was kind enough to send me and my guests his signature lunch platter. It consisted of a mixture of some of my favorite appetizers: kibbi, accra, fried chicken, papita, and pikliz, as well a side of grilled peanuts and olives.

Normally, I drink water with my meals; call me boring, I don't care. However, it's also not often to enjoy the real taste of passion fruit, and that's an opportunity I can never pass. 

Until next time,